Latest Painting by Pat Barker

Cameron Painting1
This is the latest commissioned piece by watercolour pencil artist Pat Barker. It’s a painting commissioned by the Colwood Fire Department, for retired Fire Chief Cameron. Chief Cameron had 24 years as the department’s fire chief.
This is what Retired Chief Cameron had to say about his painting:
I would just like to send my compliments and thanks to you, for creating a special gift for me that accurately reflects my passion for fire equipment and captures a 24 and half year career as Fire Chief for my City.
The accuracy of this piece makes me wonder where the time has passed and I would like to thank you for applying your talents in art, to what is essential one man’s life, one man’s passion. Highly reflective from my perspective.
It now hangs proudly and prominently in my home.
Thanks again for working with my department and staff
Sincerely, Russ Cameron
Fire Chief retired
Colwood BC

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