Dalton Ghetti – Feature Artist at The Pencil Studio!

Feature Artist: Dalton Ghetti

Wednesday, June 12th


I am thrilled to announce, that on June 12th, (Time TBA), Dalton Ghetti, from Connecticut is going to be our Guest Lecturer at The Pencil Studio!

Dalton’s amazingly intricate work can be seen by visiting his website: http://www.daltonmghetti.com/

There is no cost associated with the lecture – only that you RSVP by June 8th.

Space is very limited.

Contact pat via email at barkerpat@hotmail.com or phone 604 888 0721.



2 thoughts on “Dalton Ghetti – Feature Artist at The Pencil Studio!

    • Hello Maarten,

      Thank you for attending this event. I hope to do more of these types of events. I am very passionate about art, artists and seeing others explore their hidden talents. If you would be interested in seeing more of these types of events, let me know, and I will be sure to include you in the mailing list I am setting up.

      Not sure if you are local, but feel free to drop in any time. I’m hoping to allow all the artists I represent, to have a three week window to display only their work – and during that time they will be a guest speaker. It’s a work in progress sort of speak.

      Cheers, and thanks.


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