Launch of The Pencil Studio Web Site

Hello to all who are reading today. This morning we are launching the official web site for the art work of Pat Barker. I have enjoyed very much blowing up some of Pat’s paintings. I know she is likely to cringe at the whole “chopping up” of her paintings for use in the headers, but from a layman’s point of view they look pretty darn cool.

We will be changing these headers for Pat to her liking as time ticks on, but this is our start. When you view different pages or posts here at the header will change to another “snapshot” of Pat’s work. Enjoy.

Once we are all done getting the primary “behind the scenes” work done to this web site, we will pass the reins over to Pat herself and she can take you on a journey all her own – I’m sure you will enjoy tuning in to all of her updates, comments, and stories in regards to her past works, future works, and “pieces in play”.

I have added one of Pat’s paintings below to kick things off.

For now, in the words of the world wide web, Hello World!



Click to enlarge please!

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